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About Us

We Take Responsibility So You Can Focus On Building Your Business.

In 1982 Kean Kemnitz founded Professional Consultants, Inc., with a philosophy to put the client’s interest first. This philosophy provides the client with an “owner’s agent” for the construction process. PCI sits on the same side of the table with the owner, as a lawyer or accountant would. This unique agency provides the client peace of mind, that their interests are always put first in fiduciary and construction issues. PCI has remained an efficient, low-overhead, family owned company. Chad Kemnitz, purchased the Company and became President in 2006. We have built a solid reputation for openness, honesty and fairness not only with our clients, but also with the contractors who perform the work on our projects. The resulting efficiency, loyalty, and expertise enables us to provide the best option for our clients’ projects.

As your agent, we represent your needs. We oversee projects keeping the best interest of the owner in mind. Our management fee is set and any savings in material, labor and sub-contractor costs are passed on to the owner. PCI treats sub-contractors fairly and is able to secure low bids. Your project is advertised and open bid to the marketplace.